Important Announcement

Important announcement:

Effective immediately, Salt and Graze is taking a break of sorts.

What this means:

-We will still be attending #casperlocal events on occasion

-Friends/Family/Salt+Graze lovers, if you would like to place an order, you can DM our FB or Insta page with your order and we will let you know a suggested donation to make for your salts/seasonings as well shipping costs.

-Website sales will not be available until further notice.

-Salt+Graze will be operating under the Wyoming Food Freedom rules in a kitchen that is not inspected.

-We will continue (as always) to provide high quality, flavorful products with local ingredients when available.

-We will keep you posted on any other changes.

Much love to all of my loyal customers.
Don't forget that you can reach out via IG or FB messenger if you need your garlic salt fix and stay tuned for local event announcements.

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